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Hi guys,so i made a report and likewise,the police told me to change number and such whicj is what i plan to do however the LS texted me with another number and told me he wil be waiting at my home.i called the police and they told me to be vigioant and they will send a patrol ard my area. WILL they actually come to my house?they only transferred me $200.So any advice? Just tryna be cautious
Hi, you are now a food dish that is passed around their circle that is taking dinner. Nothing to worry as your amount is too little to warrant big scale action like painting or locking of gates or even mischief like splashing coffee or chillie sauce. Just be tougher than them and ignore their calls/apps/sms.
Take advice from the senior guys here but final decision is still with you. No one can help if you become fearful this making wrong moves, if you already decided not to pay then donít pay and stick to this decision and abide with it. Good luck to you.
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