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Ya I did that a lot of time but they keep saying no I see me acc to bank in home got baby I I cant afford to pay them.i only bank in 4 to 5 time of my I take from them
Hi, from the way I see, there is 3 reasons that can caused them to tell you that no accounts is availed to you.
1) you are good and regular in payment so your name is in their good debtors list, it will not be shared by the whole group and will be set to deal with only 1 in charge.
2) They are being checked by the police recently so many accounts has being blacklist and suspended for deposit and withdrawals so that is good news to other victim as your is purely loan shark and not scammer LS.
3)The person handling your account is out to cheat their own of $$$ as you are a good debtors thus sometimes delayed your ability to pay them and he can give the reason that you are late so could forced you to pay more and you will end up paying double to 2 different accounts so that 1 of it is not from their organisation.
All 3 reasons given and all is pointing to a simple answer and thatís not to pay at all. Steel yourselves since you have kids and are fearful. The harassment will happen even if you are good in paying as what these ******* need is $$$ by hook or by crook. So stop paying. Please also arrange all necessary works to handle this problem and advises from those senior here is definitely sound and attainable.
Tacked care.
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