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hi, need advice on this situation:

1. Facts: My son is about to go US study for 5 years in coming August, and only likely to come back to sg during school holidays, about once a year for about 2 weeks. Currently his is on Singtel combo 2 CIS (old) plan paying $29.90+$5 caller ID+GST per month, no contract.

2. He intend to get a US phone plan for his stay in US, but want to keep his Sg hp nos for 2FA, and friends contact. And use in sg when he is back to sg during school holiday.

Obviously stepping down sg hp plan is a must as he rarely use it in sg. The question is to which plan.

I did a brief research, I think stepping down to Singtel GOMO, paying $20+GST per month, but I am not sure if
a. can receive 2FS SMS oversea?
b. can port existing postpaid nos over to GOMO plan? I don't mind paying 1 time porting fee.

Also, is there other better plan fr other telco? How about porting existing prepaid nos to post paid paln?

Thanks in advance for all input.
Don't suspend the plan, else he will not be able to receive 2FA.

If you have another Singtel mobile line that is a Combo plan, you can call Singtel to convert your son's line into a Mobileshare supplementary line. I think the price is $12.90 per month (no caller-ID) so it'll be cheaper than GOMO.

Alternatively, you can try Circles.Life $0 flexi-plan as someone mentioned. Receiving 2FA overseas works. However, need to check the fine print for any minimum usage to "keep alive" the line.
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