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Yeah, I made another boot using MicroSD card and it didn't work (boot right into recovery).

It looks something like this

I then use a USB A cable but PC can't seem to detect the box. I'm now out of ideas how to recover the box .
for some of the boxes, you just need to insert the sdcard , turn on the power, and the box will start to flash firmware . remember not to use reset button during boot.

for some version of firmware update, you can use the option [apply update from ext] in the recovery menu.

before your attempts to flash firmware, have you try doing wipe cache partition, factory reset from the recovery menu? sometimes these methods can recovery the box without flashing firmware.

if you still cannot recover the box, explain in fine details how did you create the sd card and how did you use the usb method - you might be doing the wrong way but no one in the forum can tell if you just say "use a USB A cable but PC can't seem to detect the box"
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