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your androidpctv site has good and complete instructions to guide you, I suggest you go through the steps again.

if using sdcard, try to get card with small capacity. If you can't boot from the card, you have to try it again by formating it first, using sd formatter from sd association

if using thumbdrive, try with different usb ports.

if using usb cable, try to use older windows, best with win XP, should work on win7 too. Remember to try it on different usb ports, if you box has more than one usb port.

if you can't find laptop with old windows, read the note on the androidpctv page about the tweaks you need for win10.

last resort is to use method 3 [FLASH FIRMWARE WITH UBOOT.BIN FILE]

I'll try to use a smaller capacity card (using 64GB) but doesn't Burn Card Maker format the card before creating the boot image?

I'll try to see if Windows 7 works and I've tried different USB ports on both the box and PC (Win10).

It's kind of odd why my TX5 Max just refuse to boot when my wife was using it just the night before flawlessly.
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