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Not only sentosa units are making losses. There are many developments on mainland that are consistently making losses too including orchard area. Marina bay suites is one example. I am pretty sure buyers who are paying sky-high for those new launch orchard penthouses will have a good chance to sell for loss in the future.

That said, I have said before that the luxury property market is very different from mass-market condos like Treasure etc.

UNDER THE HAMMER: Unit at Marina Bay Suites for sale at $5.8 mil
Yes, especially for the luxury sector during the down cycle. It’s either make or break. Ask ourselves, even at a discount/loss of 1.3mil selling at 5.8 mil, how many ordinary folks like us are able to pick up a quantum like this?
Betw 2017-2018, when mainland property see an increase in 9.1% in price, Sentosa property only rose by 0.8%.
Before the latest CM, below are some examples of profit gains in mainland luxury sector.
All in all, everything is about timing. Some people win, some people lose. Where got any investment that guarantee sure win?

Interesting thing to note is after the latest CM, the ultra rich are still buying. Ain’t they not learned their lesson yet?
But who knows they may be right?

While many predicted and are wary of the coming 2020 recession, trade war etc, this reminds me of those who bought caspian and 8@woodleigh during the 2008/2009 financial crisis period. These buyers are probably seeing double profit gain by now? But then again, who dares to buy property during recession time/financial crisis period?

Since we are in Tampines treasure (mass market condo thread), let’s focus on the topic (or at least topic on mass market condos) and not steered to Sentosa property or luxury sector. They are totally two different things altogether. Else this thread will become rojak.

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