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One of their many creative ways to harrass you. Someone from this forum, order game from carousell and was told to self collect at the 'seller' house.
In the end it was actually one of the debtors house. He ask the boy to knock hard and kick the door once and take video. In the end they told the boy to go shop and buy paint to splash if not the boy have to paint them $1000. Lucky he did not proceed and make a report. Seeing how the manipulate others makes me thing they are desperate for runners.
Hi, the LS modus operandi is not only Creative but funny also. Even our SG authorities has lost track on all their methods thatís why I say that the new breed of LS is educated but uses their brain in a wrong and unlawful way.
Our SG government is now really to escalate their efforts and will in fact cleared more than 75% of the LS that is operating in SG. For the rest that operate out of SG, our government will be clamping down on secret society and other vice as these ppl are known to collaborate. Hoping to see all that happens soon as times is really bad now with many ppl screaming for help and searching for avenues to obtain more $$$. Just my personal opinion.
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