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I see, yes the hole that I can poke is the same but not at the same location.

However, it doesn't resolve the boot problem and I'm stuck until I can find a way around flashing it. The only thing I can do now is boot into recovery but when I try to flash from EXT, there's an error and doesn't read the SDcard or thumb drive.
Never tried to flash from the recovery menu. I do not think you can do FW upgrade with the img format within the recovery menu.

I think in the end you need to get the correct FW and for the img file you have to use either the uSD card or the USB Male to Male cable.

Since you can boot into the recovery menu the HW should still be good.

BTW, there are two FW images floating around. You can try both, including the later one with the navigation bar.

My TX5 Max comes with the older version without navigation bar and there has never been any OTA update yet (unlike TX6 which has official FW from Tanix website and quite a few OTA along the way).

FW images for TX5 Max.

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