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Bro, my wife react in same way. She even sort of dissed me for being scared. I then, took a lot of courage from her.

But there are those who feel their spouses who would add pressure if told. Sad but true.

Still, for these victims, they have to man up and tell their families about it. Better sooner rather than later. Whatever happens after that just be man enough to endure.

At least one part of the LS shark MO have been lost, the surprise attack intimidating loved ones.

And wish for those seeking help here is to NOT pay at all, even those forced loan. Safe keep the money somewhere else if your conscience says it's not yours. Any transactions to payback these LS can be considered you are involve in LS activities.

Making these LS lose a lot of money makes it harder for them to operate here. Information and knowledge is the greatest power.
Thank you for your feedback. That y I given all the bank acc and detail to the police hope they can put them down. Now all the LS ever u got money to pay them they dont want only want u pay and pay to them.
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