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Just trying to do a quick survey here. Which setup do you guys normally use.

1) smart switch + dumb light
2) dumb switch + smart light
3) smart switch + smart light

Please share your experiences, I'm still trying to decide which setup to go for. Thanks!!!
Is your place new and you have yet to renovate?

I've stayed in my place for more than 10 years so the home automation was retrofitted into existing fixtures so the majority are of option 1. The latest additions are a mixture of options 2 (the dumb light is not dimmable/colour changeable and just installed with Shelly 1 relay to make it smart) and 3. (wireless switches from Xiaomi and Ikea). I had to deal with the constraints of the existing fixtures for example I had 2 architrave switches that were not possible to replace. As I was already staying there and the false ceilings couldn't be touched due to WAF reasons.

Whatever your choice, install neutral wiring at the switches so you have flexibility later on. Anyway it is likely your needs are different as everyone has different requirements/budget so you have to consider your own use cases carefully.
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