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Hi Xiaofan,

I dug up an old laptop with Windows 7 and installed burning tool. Using the USB A cable, I managed to get a connection with the box.

However, the flash will get stuck at 3% so I unchecked bootloader and it'll go 96% where the temperature range error pops up. I've tried to disable the range, changed it to various ranges like 0-90, 20-60, 20-90, etc and all those doesn't work; it'll still get stuck at 96%.

I've tried both images (stock and bars) but all get stuck at 96%. You (or any expert here) know of anyway around that problem?

No idea myself but there are quite some reports like yours (stuck at certain percentage) for FW recovery.

Freaktab forum will be a good place to ask questions.

For example in this thread.

You can try your luck with a fan as well but TX5 Max is in fact a pretty cool box.
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