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I suggest you visualise your trip ahead instead of relying on the map so much that you lose focus on the road and miss your turn/exit. Always know where is the next turn or exit so that you can drive more efficiently.

Good that you went straight after missing the exit. Some fella reversed on the expressway

About giving way on the road. I personally experienced it a few times. Previously when my family car wasn't sold yet, I will sometimes drive out on weekends. A few occasions on the expressway I am not familiar with the road and reacted slow though with phone on maps. I signalled wanting to cut one lane so I can exit correctly according to maps. BUT BUT cars in front probably thinking I want their blood, so just keep blocking me though I trying my best slow down and signal le. So these occasions I will LLST go straight while struggling look on map where to drive.
Why ah? Is this a very Singapore driving thing???

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