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Hi xiaofan, may i know can others send you wechat hong bao (红宝)? i myself also don't have a China bank card but finding a way to add RMB into my wechat wallet so that i can pay for QQ 绿钻豪华版, currently i am using 3rd party to pay for me.
Yes I am lucky that my main wechat pay account is still working and I can still receive 红包. But I know this may stop working any time since I do not have a mainland bank card.

Using 3rd party to pay is a good alternative.

But for QQ Music 绿钻豪华版, there is an easier way if you have an iOS device. Just pay using the Apple App Store in-app purchase. That was what I did last time when I paid one month QQ Music 付费音乐包 using my iPhone 6S. Later I got the Android phone and then use my wechat account to pay for one year of the 绿钻豪华版.
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