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BBC, do you know the most efficient and cheapest way of having a working US mobile number more or less permanently on international roaming here in Singapore?

Many moons ago, I or someone else had asked a similar question and the consensus I think had been getting a Google Voice number. I have that and that works through the Hangouts app for making calls to or receiving calls from people in the US and receiving text messages from folks in the US.

HOWEVER - suddenly within the past 6 weeks a bunch of my financial institutions are saying that they don't recognize the (Google Voice) number as a mobile number in their records and need me to update.

Any advice?
If you only need a number for inbound SMS, you could try these mobile apps: FreedomPop, TextNow, Textfree. Check the terms and conditions carefully, in particular the rules on keeping the number active.

If you want a real SIM card from a major U.S. carrier, you could try T-Mobile's US$3/month prepaid SIM. A prepaid SIM kit may be free (or $1) if you shop around and look for coupon codes, or worst case it'll be $10. Taxes are added, but if you can set up an Oregon address with Oregon area code, you'll pay the lowest tax rate (8.74%). So that $3/month should end up as $3.26/month -- under $40 per year.
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