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I think I will get the Philips Hue lightstrip as I want to use it also as part of my main lighting, not only as an ambiance light, since they have the highest lumen at 1600 that I can find so far.

Just wanted to check with you guys before I pull the trigger. I understand we can't use the Hue bulbs because they are using different voltage and lamp base compared to what we used here. But can we buy the Hue lightstrip and Bridge on US Amazon and use it here? Do we have an issue on the different voltages and frequencies? Has anyone buy from the Hue lightings from US Amazon before?
I don't understand, Hue has local products so you can just buy it from store like Best/Challenger or online stores. You might also want to consider Yeelight, the strip is less than half the cost of Hue. A comparison review between Hue and Yeelight,
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