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Just call gj to check the app issue.

So now the logic is the longest online time driver in that area gets the trip first. They don’t recommend to logout or kill app cos will start all over again.

So basically after complete one trip need to camp at that area. No point driving around le.

Good and bad. Good is save petrol bad is waste time. Zzz

Bad also means cannot play 2 platform

Wedding Photography -> HardwareZone Forums app
Technically is like that

But camping at a area that no rider book. Give you first in line also no point

Most people still roam. Especially the 35 pter... They roam hardcore...

This morning 7am got a boliao sylphy dark blue car driver keep horning me when I slow and maintain 70-80km/h at the right most lane of PIE westbound nearing 26A and exiting. I slow down cos I know there are a bunch of cars in front slowing down to exit too.

After he horned, i deliberately slow somemore since all cars in front also slowering down and exit. Driver pass by and stare. I look back with a big smile showing my teeth...

Siao driver so early in morning. Just wanna rant here abit....
Maybe driver urgent want go pang sai

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