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Hi guys. Need some advise. I apply my pdvl license last month. Received the letter from lta about 2 weeks ago that is approve. I done my application online. I submit my photo cert and stuff.

Now I need to go to do medical check up which I have about 4 months time to do. Just to check I can just walk to to sata clinic and do the check up? Just tell them for pdvl check up?

After I done check up. What should I do with the report? Where do I submit to? Book course and submit tgt? Sorry. This part I still quite unsure. Hope to get advise from u guys. Thank you.
Once you get the LTA approval, you can just drop by any SATA clinic with your letter, just inform them you want medical check-up for LTA. It comes with X-RAY, eye-check, vital reading and doctor consultation, then ask you to go back and wait for the results, usually a WK time, go back to clinic to collect your "result" a letter-form, your x-ray and reports will be submitted by the clinic to LTA. Just bring your LTA approval+medical results+ driving license to the course centre and make a booking.

*Remember to login your Skillfuture to check whether your course is applicable anot, during my time is we need to pay first then claim back from Skillfuture, but heard it was now change to direct payments, so some centre might not be applicable, safe bet is to go STA.
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