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Hi I'm interested in getting a new gaming laptop that can handle FFXV. My budget is 1.9k, after looking around I'm interested in the Apex 15 lite.

I wanted to get the 1660Ti variant but my friend told me to get the 1650 instead as the 1660Ti will be too hot and destroy the laptop.

Should I go for 1650 instead?
If GTX1660Ti can get too hot enough to destroy the laptop, wouldn't all the more expensive RTX-equipped APEX Series be combusting in flames right now?? 😅😆😂 /stupidquestion

Going back to FFXV, a laptop GTX1660Ti should not be unable to cope with FFXV. Desktop version of GTX1660Ti can run the game at around 73fps using FHD Ultra settings. The lesser-powered laptop counterpart should be able to cope at 65-68fps at same Ultra settings, dial down the graphics details to High for a few more fps. Source:

Also, the number one reason why gaming laptops get way too hot is due to the lack of proper and regular maintenance, same applies to your home appliances too! If your laptop vendor provides regular maintenance FOC after you buy their laptops, USE IT, don't waste it.
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