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Hi I'm interested in getting a new gaming laptop that can handle FFXV. My budget is 1.9k, after looking around I'm interested in the Apex 15 lite.

I wanted to get the 1660Ti variant but my friend told me to get the 1650 instead as the 1660Ti will be too hot and destroy the laptop.

Should I go for 1650 instead?
If your friend can single out a specific GPU model on a specific laptop model ask them to refer you to whichever online review/etc came to that conclusion

it is frankly quite pointless to ask here cos unless someone coincidentally has a Apex with 1660 Ti you won't find the meaningful information here. If you really want to be sure of temps, try to contact aftershock about a demo unit at the showroom so you can observe it running a synthetic load to see how the temps fare, then you be the judge.
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