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I agreed that playing slots actually will earn more TP easier than ETG.

I can have avg bet of $65 per game in ETG, the TP earned after 2 hours is only 1TP++.. probably they will not issue TP if we win? Hmm... Because i only put in $100 and then i started my game with min bet..after I got my hunches right, i will gradually increase my stakes.

Realised if i play slots, especially lightning respin or the echo fortune, same time spent on the machine, TP earned is much more.

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Yes, because Slot is a lightning fast game with an about 10% House Advantage.

ETG Roulette HA is 2.78% . Still how much Genting award TP for different types of games has little or no relationship to anything. It is entirely up to them. Funny ETG Baccarat HA is 1.25% and has the same TP award as Roulette.

Like kia says putting $500 into Slot is cheap.
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