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Smile WTS: Wax Seal Stamp Supplies (Custom and existing designs for wedding, branding, personal use etc)

We specialize in custom wax seals for couples, brands and creatives.

Visit OR more information and product listings!

All prices are excluding local postage/courier.

1. Custom Wax Seal Stamp (Seal head + handle only)
- Own design OR choose from template - $22
- We provide design services as well if you would like a custom design from scratch - Additional cost depending on extent of design

2. Custom Wax Seal Stamp (With full paper box set - 1 custom seal head, 1 handle, 3x wax stick and 2x candle) - $35

3. Botanical Floral Range Wax Seal Stamp (Head only) - $10

4. Magic Range Wax Seal Stamp (Head only) - $10

5. Planet Stars Range Wax Seal Stamp (Head only) - $10

6. With Love Wax Seal Stamp (Head only) - $10

7. Alice In Wonderland Wax Seal Stamp (Head only) - $10

8. Wax Beads (Solid and Metallic Ranges) - $7 per 1 packet of 50 beads (Able to create ~16 seals)

Thank you!

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