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First make sure the power adapter is working.

Then try to reflash again using the USB A Male to Male cable and a computer.
Same thing happened to me, no m TX5 has no LED and constantly stuck at 3% (uboot) when flashing.
Currently i am using Tanix tx5 max which is good, becos the box is not so hot (heat issue) and the UI is simple (running android 8.1)
you have to make sure that the firmware downloaded is the right version, sometimes you have to open up the box and look at the model/ver of the PCB.

next time get a box with brand and support website, you will be able to get the correct firmware, and support from the brand's model.

you may save a few dollars by getting no-brand box, but you can land into your current situation easily.
can please help to recommend a good android box so that my husband and i can watch all the channels in the world? if i buy from online then im afraid difficult to get the help and support if anything goes wrong. if i buy from a local shop here would be better rite? please help.
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