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HDD Crashed

Dear all,

Like to get some advice on my NAS:

I was having repeated shutdown on my DS-213J lately. Decided to do some troubleshooting and decided to run a memory test following advice from Synology (

After leaving the NAS to run on Synology Assistant, I received the constant beeping sound and saw that the HDD has crashed.

I have not set up any RAID in the NAS but the HDD is accessible via File Station and I can backup the files on the HDD.

What should I do in this case?

i) Get new HDD to replace the crashed HDD?
ii) Format the HDD and then resume to use it? I am intending to get another 2T HDD and then set up data recovery RAID after this episode?
iii) Do something else?

sidenote: I am aware that the NAS model is quite old and had considered to upgrade it to 218Play or something but am hesitant since the existing 213J is still workable.

Thanks all for the help in advance!

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