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excess tot 4k?

but 6 mth sibei long for newbie
Thanks for highlighting, my bad on wrong info, this company can do 3months for the Sienta Hydrid, but rental increased to $540/WK.

Yes, for newbies better try out first, go for 1week or 1mth petrol car to test out.

The one go fleet offering low excess is focus rental, but 1yr contract, Honda Freed $93/day. Even after rebate, $72/day. Remember you need to pay this on your off day Better start with those $35-50 per day petrol car first.

Why fleet partner, cause renting from them allows you to enjoy rental rebates, that's all, got nothing to do with "safer" renting nor driving platforms (please note that all vehicle can use all platforms). Why 3rd party, usually they can offer very competitive prices and more flexible terms, like lower deposit, shorter term of contract,etc.

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