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Yes. Those who can commit and hit 100T/week consistently, better to rent from fleet partner. Those who can't, best is to find those cheap daily rental petrol cars, don't rent from fleet partner since u can't qualify for their rental rebate.
Ya, there's no free lunch, you have to "earn" your rental rebate, for Grab 100 trips for 6% of your weekly fare(newbie start from Emerald tier) and Gojek 130pts for a fixed $150 rebate.

That's why fares rate for grab is very important, like 1 of the Bro here shown recently that his weekly fares hitting only around 1.2k, meaning you only can get roughly $72 rebate. But on the bright side, when you on high tier DT, you will get 8% rebate, and when you get a good weekly fares, it's possible to hit $200+ rebates. That's almost enuff to cover your weekly rental if you are on cheaper petrol car rental.

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