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they have been sending me the code for God knows how long.. probably close to a year.. and when it's used it just churn new ones..

basically if you sign up for the $28 plan and port in from another Telco, instead of $18 for 12months, you get first 3 months free and $18 for subsequent 9 months.

*******26 GB/mo data for $18 only!*[20GB/mo forever + 6GB bonus for a year]
*******First 3 months FREE (capped at $28/mo)*[Save $84 on your first 3 months!]
*******$200 device discount*[Bill credits of $25 over 8 months]
*******$34 off your registration fee*[Pay only $4 to sign up]
*******Free incoming calls forever

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bro, is this still avail? i have pm-ed you.
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