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Ya, there's no free lunch, you have to "earn" your rental rebate, for Grab 100 trips for 6% of your weekly fare(newbie start from Emerald tier) and Gojek 130pts for a fixed $150 rebate.

That's why fares rate for grab is very important, like 1 of the Bro here shown recently that his weekly fares hitting only around 1.2k, meaning you only can get roughly $72 rebate. But on the bright side, when you on high tier DT, you will get 8% rebate, and when you get a good weekly fares, it's possible to hit $200+ rebates. That's almost enuff to cover your weekly rental if you are on cheaper petrol car rental.
cannot agreed more!!!!!!!
must be discipline to make money
mast have sacrifice to have good income

bo pien this is the world we living in

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