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Actually do you all make it a point to drive everyday??? Since rentals still paying to car rental company even if you choose to take a rest day. I can imagine it's not easy job behind the wheels, especially you get demanding riders, limiting hydration so won't need to go toilet often, irregular meals. If course there will likely be pros like freedom of being "self employed", flexible working hours, "owning" a personal vehicle.

Curious. Would you guys probably need to spend at least 5 hours a day to break even rental and other cost??

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End of the day, is earn enough to cover rental and take back $ to family. Need to set a realistic value you wana achieve each day.... There are some days bad, no customer then take a break and go back earlier to be with family. Some days are good, in this situation either you also go back earlier or take a few more customers to cover back those bad days.

This is from the mouth of a full time taxi driver...
"Customer can never be fetch finish one. Leave it for another day, Long term strategy"

I see many young drivers chiong chiong.... chiong until have to report OP or worst hang up the keys at later stage.
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