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I'm new to the forum and your thread as the S.O. and I relocated recently from the US, but I've enjoyed reading through the last 12 months of your insight and perspective. My S.O. shifted with her employer here, so our primary income stream will be SGD for the next 2+ years. However, I am still working part-time for my US-based company and getting paid in USD (it's been a mess with MOM and IRAS), and most of our retirement and savings are Stateside in credit unions, Fido, and Vanguard. We do fit squarely in your definition of "US persons" and likely (but not guaranteed) will return to the US at the completion of my wife's assignment.

I have a couple questions for you:
  1. Are there any financial opportunities that would be strongly appealing to us here in Singapore, given that I have relatively easy access to US-domiciled mutual funds and banking products?
  2. I haven't gotten many warm fuzzies from you on US persons investing in the SRS but wanted to confirm you really did not see any tax advantage for us at all?
  3. Since most of our income is now in Singapore, I would anticipate we have two options: either settle for a higher-cost Singapore investment vehicle that avoids PFIC complications or periodically transfer funds back to the US for investment. (Somewhat depending on your answers to #1 and 2 above) what are your thoughts?
  4. You've gone over life and medical insurance at great length; any thoughts on contents coverage?

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