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We already have Singapore exposure through VSS (1% Sing), VTIAX (0.9% Sing), and VTABX (0.5% Sing) but I guess I was hoping for unique opportunities that we wouldn't otherwise have in the US.
Exposure to Singapore listed stocks doesn't really matter per se for your long-term savings. You're just visiting.

It sounds like there may be plenty of these opportunities but they're all expensive and/or tax-disadvantaged.
I think it's just straightforward cash management on the Singapore side, really. Chasing cash-related promotions and such, if you wish. Yes, DBS Multiplier is one such example.

You've seen me mention it before probably, but (if you haven't already) I'd grab Schwab's awesome ATM card (linked to a Schwab Bank High Yield Savings, Schwab Bank High Yield Checking, or a Schwab One brokerage account -- your choice, all work fine, although Schwab Bank insists on a U.S. mailing address) and a zero foreign transaction fee Mastercard or Visa credit card issued in the U.S., preferably set up with automatic monthly full balance payment.

I've been using TransferWise occasionally which has done the trick when needed. Do you think Interactive Brokers or another option would be preferable for regular foreign currency transfers back to the US?
I do. As long as you keep US$2,000 always parked at IB you'll end up paying a flat US$10 per month (the monthly minimum commission) to buy U.S. dollars affordably (and deposit them in a U.S. bank or U.S. credit union account) using Singapore dollars.

I'll take a look at the AXA all-risks policy. Any thoughts on Chubb's myHome? I only ask because that's the coverage offered through DBS, which would help our Multiplier interest
Chubb's myHome Protect appears to be an "insured perils" policy. If that's correct, it'll have some holes versus an "all-risks" policy. On the other hand the bundled personal liability coverage looks above average. On the other other hand the premium looks above average, too.
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