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Has anyone tried the Plate' Sea & Grill buffet at Carlton City Hotel?
Is it good?

Would also like to check if there are any other good seafood buffet around?
How are Aquamarine and Colony' seafood night?
Plate' Sea & Grill buffet - i use to like it. Til they raised the price n the quality of crabs n roasted beef dropped. Its still decent. The crabs are still some of the better qty ones. Avoid the lobster though.

Any good promos for dinner Buffet July? Budget around $30? around 12-14 persons?
For tat price, you prolly limited to those bbq or hotpot buffets.

Hi Toons, any recommendations for Korean BBQ meats buffet? K Cooks or I'm Kim recommended?

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The kcook at westgate looks good. I'm kim is always a safe choice. Someone recommended sin manbok at beauty world area too.
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