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K Cooks only left with Orchard Central. Westgate closed down already.

Ok, I went to I'm Kim at SOTA today. For $12.90++, its cheap. Service is quite good. They clear your dirty plates very promptly and replace the grilling tray frequently too. Place is cheap and not crowded. The pork belly is the best meat imo, nice thickness so if your slightly char the outside, you have nice crispy outside, with the oil bursting out when you bite the fatty parts.
Tat one is weekday lunch price. Spread is smaller than dinner n weekend lunch. No beef right? I like beef short ribs, so i normally avoid weekday bbqs, plus work wise also cannot.

Aiyoh, so sad abt kcook. I passed by there abt 3 months back nia, didn't even get to try n they closed down? Sigh.

JEM also got this hotpot + bbq place w more atas wagyu. Your area you should know better mah.

Since your time is flexible, you should try this. 50% off at 4pm timing via eatigo. 18 nett, but drinks not covered. Nice meats w mala hotpot + stir fry. Yums!
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