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Did my interview in April and I printed out a poster with some simple diagrams. There’s whiteboard, markers and magnets available for you to use. You can’t use ICT tools eg. PowerPoint slides, showing videos etc.

My interview was short and simple, and the interviewers will roleplay as the “students”. I “taught” what I’ve prepared and asked my “students” to answer the question. The “students” answered my questions and did not challenge the class in any way. Heard that some of the “students” will do things to disrupt the lesson such as talking to each other, or asking questions about the content. So maybe you can prepare for scenarios like this and think about how you’ll react.

If possible, teach a topic which you’re interested in/have passion in. I was asked about why I choose the particular topic, and I had a long discussion on it with the interviewers.

All the best for your interview, and everyone else who’s reading this and preparing for interview too!
Thanks for your sharing and advice! Are we allowed to prepare worksheets to give to students?
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