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I am going on 43. I've tried progressives before and it was supposedly some kind of digital lens, but I couldn't get used to it and gave up, but my lao hua seems to be getting bad enough that single vision doesn't cut it.

Worst sph is ~ -3.0 and cyl -2.0 from 1 year ago eye test. It might have changed, but... This degree is usually ok for 1.5 or 1.56 right?

Would like photochromic lens. Strong blue light blocking light asahi or lutina sounds nice, but it doesnt seem to come together with photochromic lens except for very expensive option? So I'm thinking of maybe getting one pair that is photochromic for distance to near... And maybe in future add an office lens with the blue blocking feature.

Because I had problems adapting to progressives in the past, I think I would either need higher grade progressives or someone who is skilled in progressives to fit me out properly. Any suggestions towards the East? If there is someone good and can offer discount off rrp, I'll go anywhere in SG to find you too, please feel free to pm me ��

Budget... Is $750 incl frame (not fussy on brand, buy need it light comfy and durable) reasonable? Do the expensive brands offer better performance and (some) good value? Is there any objective way to compare between the different grades from same manufacturer or to the brands like Hoya mystyle and id? After all, those pictures with the blur parts are just artists depiction. Or if there is no objective way, does the optical community have some sort of subjective consensus?

Lastly, I was told that progressive lenses require an optometrist to do an eye check / refraction. Is that true, or can opticians do it?

Got many questions... Many thanks for your advice.

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