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Because in overseas such as europe, their playing style different. Last time i played Pogo while in Europe (I mean physically) - they dun use pokemap and wait at the gym before the egg even hatch like we do in sg. Sometimes after the egg hatch then they start slowly walking out to the gym, chatting with each other, making friends and then slowly form their groups. some use public some use private. if u are there physically even if u dunno them, u ask politely they usually will invite u to their pte groups.

now of course if u are flying, ur only option is public group, then have to see your luck because a lot times, the physical ppl there uses pte group. so got to hope if there's public group form by the few physical and other flyers. if u go raid in an ex raid gym in overseas, many times sure got some flyers in public group.
That's why I stopped fighting ex raid gym overseas.

It's not really like here where there's at least a few waves.

Over there, it's hard if you miss the first wave, hopefully 2nd wave got enough trainers.
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