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I am confused. Are you talking about NFP top up? I can manually top up NFP using Android FlashPay Apps 3 times a day per credit card per NFP card. Max top up using the Android App is 5 times per credit card per week. Although I am not quite sure how to define one 'week'..
Would like to know the fastest rate using same cc

Lets say start on 1st of month. Is this correct?

1: 3 topups
2: 2 topups
9: 3 topups (+8 from 1st?)
10: 2 topups (+8 from 2nd?)
17: 3 topups (+8 from 9th?)
18: 2 topups (+8 from 10th?)

Trazora is the above correct? Please correct me if im wrong
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