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Thanks Gangsterkia.

So does Kodak have a progressive + photochromic + blue light blocking (not just a coating that reduces it a bit) option? That sounds promising - hope to hear more tomorrow.

Yeah, Hoya ID and Mystyle are likely outside of my price range.. But I guess the real question here is whether there is a way to objectively compare progressive lens? The pictures depicting the corridor for intermediate and near vision are probably exaggerated. At least within the same brand, higher grades are presumably better. Across brands, is there a way to compare? If there's no way to compare, I don't know how to select which brand/grade.

I don't need the transitions brand. Have tried some generic photochromic lens in the past, and I think having some darkening is enough to keep me from squinting in bright sunlight.

My colleague advised that skill is important as he went made a few pairs at different shops until ending up with one that is still relatively comfortable. And ya, my internet research suggests it is a black art where the face shape, how I wear the glasses, distance from face and nose pad positioning etc all play a part. So if it really is a black art, I have this mental model that getting the fitting and measurements taken by experienced and skilled pro is really the most important thing and I'll have to travel for it lor.

Thank you!
Ok, checked and Confirmed by my own eyes.
Yes, the coating is call EVOBLUE. Blue light(absorb) filter just like lutina,asahi,Shamir. Only will have updates on monday(on progressives availability).
BUT, only for single vision right now. For progressives not able to do yet.

Then, the amount of distortion you see at the sides is affected by your reading power(lao hua). The higher the reading power, the more distortion you will experience.

It is hard to compare between brands as it's based on individual preference. Thus it's still up to your trust in the practitioner that is helping you to recommend you a pair of lenses that you will be comfortable with.
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