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Actually as my previous message which I think you didn’t read I was saying it’s a valid concern which our bro said not valid and that article just proved my point if it’s not a valid concern it won’t be written in the article ,

As for your comment which I was not talking to you and you ah Beng mentality want to put your foot in your mouth, I conveniently answer you.

So who is in the edmw? As I said you ah Beng becos you uses jjww sort of dialect slang la. So if you want to stick your ass for me to shaft then please at least read the bloody front message la

u drop ur phone screen crack can blame who?

if u dont like moving parts dont need to justify n come here say u argue with ppl got a need to come n taunt back the person who u argue with?

theres no need to jjww u wan can go edmw there n jjww with ppl

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