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Actually as my previous message which I think you didn’t read I was saying it’s a valid concern which our bro said not valid and that article just proved my point if it’s not a valid concern it won’t be written in the article ,

As for your comment which I was not talking to you and you ah Beng mentality want to put your foot in your mouth, I conveniently answer you.

So who is in the edmw? As I said you ah Beng becos you uses jjww sort of dialect slang la. So if you want to stick your ass for me to shaft then please at least read the bloody front message la
i also know not for me

just sayin no need to start arguement again

but seems like u just cant understand logic ok if ur happy good for u

Exactly that’s what I was cautioning and replying to another bro who was also another ah Beng bro saying there was no written evidence or scenario that the protruding camera will not be a problem.

Suddenly seems like ah Beng like to back each other that this evilanus person start to put his foot in mouth and mooning me so I just shaft my thick big leg into his anus lo

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