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I just found out that I got rejected for my relief teaching application. Has anyone come across this before?

Mid careerist and graduated from NUS 7 years ago. I had wanted to apply for a full time position but thought that I should try relief teaching first. What should I do now?

Any advice will be much appreciated!
You can actually apply the PGDE on Career@Gov in Aug which is the full time position. If you successfully get offered, you will have a 1 year contract teaching starting in Dec, which is sort of like probation for you to try out and also for MOE to access your suitability. If at the end of contract teaching you do not wish to continue, it is ok because the bond only starts when you enter NIE for training.

For relief teaching, after you apply on the REMS portal and get approved, you need to go to schools to ask if they have vacancies. Rarely they will call you up. You can reapply for the relief teaching on 1 Jul under SRE in the REMS portal.
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