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Drive one month with it for PHV first. See your own driving pattern then you decide lor. See how many KM you clock per week or day.

Then you do your own maths. Some can drive 14hrs... some can tahan only 8hrs...

Take 3 months to see your pattern better
Wanna to do and can do, are 2 very different pages. Every one want to hit 12k and take home 5-6k monthly, but how much you can do, you need to try then can find out. That's why we always share that find the cheapest rental car then drive and tryout first, experience driving 1month for Go-jek..then another month with Grab, during this period you also can workout problems with old cars, FC, whether your physical n mental adaptation is good enough for long hours of driving. There's Bro here drive 2days, already asking pple to take over his contract rental, lots of pple are looking for take over, cause lots of them really think PhD is easy money, jht. There's even 1 willing to give up half his deposit for takeover, pay him $500, end of contract, you take back his $1k deposit lol.

Go-jek first, cause dun really hv tier earnings system, any car get pay the same from A to B. After 1month, you should know your drivestype already, then can change a car to drive for Grab, maybe a 6s, then you can compare your earnings, if you prefer Grab, then stay on, since you are already getting pts n gems working your tier up

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