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I think other ADs way of doing things where normal people like u and I don't get a fair chance to purchase sports model more disgusting. Even if khh is 做戏,I give it to them. At least they bother to 做。u got see hourglass or emperor group even bother to patronize u? Haha
Cortina, Emperor and Hourglass don't need to patronise you.
they got a long list of big buyers. vvip clientele.

think of it, if everyone buy rolex sports. buy outside flip or what not.

their other brand dont need sell? all keep inventory? how to answer to brand owner.

so they took this chance to do PWP, that's the only way to do their business.
this entire rolex shortage or rather PWP thing is started by the consumer, not the business.

last time, rolex sports, diao du one. sub date? 15% ai mai? because it's readily available.
daytona 12% take go.

because of the ceramic daytona, super super popular, AD learnt that people are willing to pay premium to get their hands on it. the AD caught the fever, jump on the opportunity to make more money.

eventually, rolex sent a memo to stop selling at premium, AD not stupid, keep stock lor. i sell to VVIP who support me by buying other brands, i give rolex as incentive.

so end up, premium market head to where? grey dealers. AD wanna move premium also move to grey la, move to you meh, who are you? sell you got benefit bo?

you can continue to make noise, complain about AD etc etc. Think in the AD shoes, if you're the AD, would you take the opportunity to make more money since consumers are willing?

it's a business after all, profit counts. consumers are the ones that sabo, especially the rich.

i hope this is simple enough for all to understand.

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