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I agree with u profits matter to AD. I completely understand the biz model ah. The other brands they can't sell that's their problem too ma, as a business should know how to manage inventory wat.

But the point is not abt whether the other ADs are right or wrong. The point I am trying to make is even if KHH is putting on a show pretending to sell to non VIP, I applaud them for that as it is still better than the rest of the ADs which unfortunately too busy with vvips.

U mean put on a show no cost ah? All the time spent on Facebook entertain msgs and comments. Can u really blame people for trying their luck by plp or call them disgusting? Btw, I'm not a customer of KHH.
Not taking the ADs' side here, but in the retail business, especially in the traditional brick-and-mortar sort of distribution business that the ADs are in, the power dynamics between the brand and the distributor/retailer are usually very skewed in favour of the brand. I'm sure you can brush it off as, "not your problem"and that it's up to the ADs to manage it; which is exactly what they are doing now, they're managing the situation, whether it's increased demand for Rolex or high inventory for other brands, by focusing on a certain demographic. Is it the "right" thing to do ? I don't think so, but who am I to complain ? If I run a store, and you tell me that I can move my deadstock(which I was required to buy for fear of losing my distribution rights) by controlling the sales of my top sellers, of course I'm going to do that - it's money falling on my lap ! How does Hermes sell so many scarves and accessories ?

I don't have any issue with what KHH is doing either. More power to the owner. Unfortunately it tends to bring out the worst in people, especially in a society like ours'.
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