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Yup do you have any calculation on how you get $22/month after offsetting your sold phone? 40GB a month is damn shiok lol.
You wonít get 40GB. It also comes with the risk & hassles of selling ur phone for good money.
with around 35GB per month for SIM70 Locked under 24mths contract.

For Sim only plan, best offer from M1 the 30GB $25, free weekends.
Singtel is GOMO 20GB $20 but itís a Hi Card sort of......
*Starhub Sim only : 15GB $25 with free weekends , there is a $120 online bill rebates to lock you in with more discounts.

His $22/per mth. 40GB Sim only? 24mths plan is probably bcos he works in M1/Keppel related coy.

I encourage you to take Sim Only after all this is a Comparison of Sim Only plans.

No contract as Win:Win even though telco can change their terms, but you also have the freedom to switch telcos whenever you want.
Whenever there is a better offer or services among all the telcos.

I change my old Singtel 3G 12GB, ard $31/mth to M1 One plan.
Quite Satisfied, Singtel should have upgraded my 3G 12GB to 4G....

Oh well, after switching myself. I have switched all my family plans over for easier management. No surprises of them bursting their limits & happy saving $.

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