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I agree with you it’s of pc of mind and no matter how the phone is certified if it’s used for swimming or underwater then of cos its May get water damage.

Also water resistant like claiming of gorilla glass resistance to scratch is also will be slowly faked by age of the phone.

But there are bros who think any external fault to the phone is the the phone user fault and not fit to use the phone, be it dropping it a phone or getting water damage

Check this video.waterproof/ resistant phone is not about claiming warranty after water damage or go diving with ur phone, but to make water harder to get into ur phone .

This making ur phone more likely to survive at the same condition of water exposure.

While I'm enjoying my k20pro, it's popup camera module obviously is a weak pot for water to get in very easily. Thus knowing that users of k20 should be more careful for water exposure.

Bringing it to pool side is definitely not recommend as oppose to those phone with waterproof / resistant.
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