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Not taking the ADs' side here, but in the retail business, especially in the traditional brick-and-mortar sort of distribution business that the ADs are in, the power dynamics between the brand and the distributor/retailer are usually very skewed in favour of the brand. I'm sure you can brush it off as, "not your problem"and that it's up to the ADs to manage it; which is exactly what they are doing now, they're managing the situation, whether it's increased demand for Rolex or high inventory for other brands, by focusing on a certain demographic. Is it the "right" thing to do ? I don't think so, but who am I to complain ? If I run a store, and you tell me that I can move my deadstock(which I was required to buy for fear of losing my distribution rights) by controlling the sales of my top sellers, of course I'm going to do that - it's money falling on my lap ! How does Hermes sell so many scarves and accessories ?

I don't have any issue with what KHH is doing either. More power to the owner. Unfortunately it tends to bring out the worst in people, especially in a society like ours'.
Agree that it brings out the worst in us. It's a vicious cycle - people plp a bit, KHH selling to those who plp, people learn to plp even more, etc. Whereas for other boutiques people quickly learn that plp and boosting ADs ego doesn't work and there's a different formula... Maybe there isn't any right or wrong approach where the AD is concerned, but certainly reading the posts makes one cringe and brings me back to my original point : if we cannot stoop so low as to plp with pictures of our newborn or getting the entire family down to worship them, then there's no chance to get a watch from them, though we might be mislead by plp-ers that everyone has a chance at allocation from them
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