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I just felt that is a pity that k20 pro is not waterproof not because they have movable part but is just that did not build it waterproof as OnePlus 7 pro shown that even with movable part,waterproof is still possible.

On the other hand, lets say in situation I purchased s10 that claim is waterproof and I accidentally drop it into toilet bowl and stop working, at least I still have 50/50 chance to fight with Samsung for warranty.
If u got watch the video I posted.. The experts also wun drop a phone with ip what ever rating inside a pool of water.. Remember rubber seal will get deteriorate. That's why the experts also said ip rating for phone is kinda of gimicking.. But of cause it is good that some phone manufacturers incorporate some feature to prevent water seepage..there are some even waterproofing their electric board inside. The teardown of k20pro show got rubber on pop-up camera and on sim card tray.
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