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I agree with u profits matter to AD. I completely understand the biz model ah. The other brands they can't sell that's their problem too ma, as a business should know how to manage inventory wat.

But the point is not abt whether the other ADs are right or wrong. The point I am trying to make is even if KHH is putting on a show pretending to sell to non VIP, I applaud them for that as it is still better than the rest of the ADs which unfortunately too busy with vvips.

U mean put on a show no cost ah? All the time spent on Facebook entertain msgs and comments. Can u really blame people for trying their luck by plp or call them disgusting? Btw, I'm not a customer of KHH.
That is marketing.
A very bad one that will back fire anytime.
You must understand Roca people. All is uncle and auntie la
The way they use fb lol. Anyhow one.
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