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I tot got 5 weeks one?

U got try ask lumens auto? Last time i rent is 3 months min

Most probably referring to "brand" new cars, the rental company common trends and practice nowadays, trying to ask you for 1yr contract.

Try to ask for 6months, if dun hv, just go next. What car you looking at? Maybe some Bros here can direct you.

If go jek fleet, Cars&Trips, Toyota Sienta Hybrid $540, 3months contract(not sure still have anot), Honda Civic Hybrid and Honda Grace Hybrid available for 6months contract,ready stock but not sure the price. All fleet partner keep saying that Hybrid Cat minimum 6months. If you are not looking at fleet rebate, there's plenty of options(Some 3rd party also hv in house rebate- but same la, must minimum contract).

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