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Hi... one silly question... I'm running unbreakable as of now. I've got the damage & armour buy low HP. yay or nay?

armor - 417136
hp - 65k

rng drops pretty bad.. keep getting those that I don't need.
very high armor, but pretty low health. if your build is around unbreakable, what kind of brandset is the chest piece? Gila Guard?

Also what weapon is your main?

And what are the talents you are using?

What are your attribute scores like? 4 / 11 / 0?

and do you plan to raid with the build?

If you want, we can help to critique and advise so long as you are willing to share / screenshot all your gear and the detailed stats. This was my roasting from last week:

of course it has changed since then so please do not follow this build I shared, it is just an example of how to get feedback.
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